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Information About  Hair Building Fibers
Instantly transform your hair with Hair Building Fibers, a shake-on that adds “hair” to your own hair. The system fills in thinning hair for a fuller, thicker appearance. Completely undetectable, it conceals any signs of scalp show-through.

Who is it for:
Anyone with thinning hair, balding areas, or scalp show-through. You must have some hair “fuzz” so that Illusion fibers can attach. People who have gray or blonde hair with multiple shades of color can combine two different shades for a more customized match.Why it is different:
Our Hair Building Fibers are a natural product, not a synthetic cover-up. The keratin & cotton based protein hair fibers in our Miracle Mane and Illusion brands cling to existing hairs by virtue of a static electrical charge that causes a magnet-like attraction to human hair. It’s remarkably effective for both men and women with a wide range of hair conditions. Hair fibers are resistant to wind, rain and perspiration but remove easily with shampoo. Colorfast keratin & cotton based fibers won’t stain clothes.

How to use it:
Typical application takes less than a minute. Towel or blow dry your hair, or air dry completely; hair fiber should be used only on dry hair. Hold the bottle of hair fiber 2″ to 3″ above areas to be thickened. For targeting small spots, you may bring container right up to the area. Shake hair fibers liberally over desired areas with bottle opening facing downward. Pat hair to disperse the hair fibers throughout the area. Use an open, plastic, non-bristle brush or any comb to style your hair as you wish. If coverage is not complete, add more product until hair looks thick and full. For best results, use hair fiber Hold Spray for added durability and a lasting finishing touch.