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All Natural Fibers

All our products are natural , and that’s what sets us apart from lesser quality brands of hair fiber.
The key ingredients in Miracle Mane are the cotton based fibers which have a powerful bonding ability. With Illusion however Hair the fibers are keratin based and cling to existing thinning hair in exactly the same way. Thousands of microscopic electro static fibers of the same color cling to hair, the fibers make the hair look more voluminous and denser, making you look younger and with a full head of natural looking hair.

All our hair fibers are natural and completely safe with absolutely no side effects. You can use other hair thickening products, even if you are undergoing hair loss treatment. Hair fiber is an instant and effective solution that helps you thicken your already thinning hair quickly; and it can be used in any combination.This natural hair fibers are resistant to wind, rain or perspiration. To wash it out, simply shampoo/wash your hair. Our hair fibers do not create any stains/marks on clothing.