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Become A Supplier for Hair Fiber

Hair Fiber (Trade Only)


If you are in the business of hair, salons, hair transplants, hair loss clinics, health and beauty. Then selling hair fiber as a main line could help your business earn an additional and highly profitable income stream.

Hair fibers are becoming extremely popular in the hair loss world with millions of customers using hair fibers every day. Due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the product people’s lives are being transformed by this revolutionary product every day.

Hair fibers will last for up to 60 days, so customers will come back time and time again for repeat orders, therefore a continual customer base can be established with ease.

For pricing information on bulk/trade orders and pricing please email support@hairfiber.co.uk or alternatively contact us on the number below.

To become a supplier for Hair fiber, please contact 0161 834 5999.

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Trade prices are available please see below:

Boxes come in units of 24 (one colour.)

We will be happy to mix colours in each box. Once you have placed an order please email support@hairfiber.co.uk with the colours that you require. Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Light Blonde & Grey are in stock now.

All trade prices are + Postage/Shipping, please contact 0161 834 5999 for a quote.

Trade prices start from:

£6 per unit for 12+ units. (25g with 100ml hair spray)

£3 per unit for 12+ units. (8g with 40ml hair spray)