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How It Works

What are Hair Fibers? 
Hair Fibers are scientifically advanced fibers for both men and women, who are facing hair thinning and balding problems. Made from 100% pure cotton and organic keratin fibers, that look and feel just like real hair. Our products are not a just a cream or cover-up spray. Our hair fibers are more advanced, than any other hair product you have ever used. The fibers can dramatically increase the volume and density of your hair making hair look fuller and thicker in less than a minute.

Hair thinning

Why our Hair Fibers are unique?
Our Illusion Hair Fibers are a revolutionary product for people with hair loss. The fibers consists of a large number of minuscule keratin hair building fibers that can be sprinkled on the thinning or balding areas, to give hair a fuller and thicker appearance almost instantly. When applied, the electrostatically charged tiny keratin hair fibers bond tightly to your existing hair. The fibers are effective for a wide array of hair loss conditions in both women and men. Hair Fibers remain practically unaffected by high wind, rain and daily activity. Miracle Mane hair fibers work in exactly the same way the only difference being that the fibers in Miracle Mane are cotton based. Cotton based fibers build extremely strong bonds with thinning hair and are preferred by many customers. The fibers we use will ensure that you receive the following benefits:

  • Remove bald patches or the appearance of thin-looking hair very quickly.
  • Make your hair thicker and giving a natural appearance. The fibers are completely undetectable, even if someone takes a close up view, outside or under the sun.
  • The fibers stick tightly and lasts all day, through rain, wind, and sweat.
  • The fibers won’t stain or smear your clothing and skin.
  • Works best for both women and men.
Hair thinning products
Illusion Hair thinning
Illusion Hair thinning Product

Unlike normal hair products available in the market, all our Hair Fibers are a premium quality products:

  • Created from 100% pure and natural keratin & cotton based particles, and safe for people with a sensitive scalp.
  • The fibers stick to hair more firmly, and do not need any special spray for binding fibers to the hair.
  • Free from animal components, synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives and fillers.

How Hair Fibers Works?
Hair Fibers offer instant results. The best application is on dry washed hair. Hold the container over the balding or thinning area and shake it gently. In few seconds, millions of tiny keratin & cotton based hair fibers will stick to your existing hair. The tiny fibers are treated with static electric charge, so that they can bind to your hair securely and stay there through the day – even in the hardest rain or strongest wind.

Hair Fibers work fast to fill in your balding or thinning areas and transform the appearance of your hair in an assured manner. These real looking hair fibers not only help build up your existing hair structure but also successfully remove the signs of baldness or hair loss with natural looking coverage. The whole process takes less than a minute.

Hair thinning Solution
Hair thinning Solution products
Illusion Hair thinning Solution products

Miracle Mane natural cotton Hair Fibers look just like natural hair
The hair fibers are made from 100% pure cotton. These hair fibers are charged with static electricity which makes them bond more securely with existing hair. They are kept inside containers made from a highly advanced polymers, which stimulate static charge in the hair fibers every time the container is shaken. As well as selling Miracle Mane we also sell Illusion Hair Fiber which is made from Keratin based fibers and works in exactly the same way. You will be able to see the similarities of makeup using the diagram below.

Natural Keratin Hair Fibers

Hair fibers give you the best value for money, and are also an easy way to make your hair look thicker and fuller in an instant. What makes our hair fibers exceptional is their simple to use procedure. Hundreds of thousands of people are using  hair fibers in their daily life and are fully satisfied with the outcome. So, if you want your thin areas or bald patches to vanish quickly, leaving you with a real looking head of hair, take an advantage of this product today!