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How To Use

Information About  Hair Building Fibers
Hair building fibers work wonders in solving hair loss problems for both men and women. Using a shake-on solution, when applied to existing hair makes it look thicker and fuller. In addition this solution  conceals any sign of scalp show-through. This instant solution frees you from the fear, anxiety or awkwardness that hair loss/balding can cause.

Who Can Use Hair Building Fibers
Hair building fibers are an instant solution for hair loss or hair thinning hair and suitable for anyone with thinning hair, balding areas, or scalp show-through. This will not work on you if you’ve got completely bald area. You must at least, have hair fuzz that the fibers will stick to. Men and women with hair loss problems should choose the right shade of hair building fibers, depending on their hair color using our colour match system.

Dark Brown Hair Fibre & Dark Brown Hair Fiberhair loss men

What Makes Our Hair Fiber Brands Stand Out:
Unlike a synthetic cover-up, our Hair Building Fibers are completely natural products. Made from keratin protein fibers & cotton based fibers, that stick to the existing hair via magnet-like attraction, caused by electro static charge. The “hair-set” you achieve with our Hair Fibers will be resistant to wind, rain or perspiration. When you want to remove the fiber, all you have to do is to shampoo your hair.

How to use Hair Fibers:
Dry your hair well after you take a shower. Keep it in mind that  Hair Fibers work only on dry hair. The hair fiber container should be held 2″ to 3″ high over those parts of the head where you need hair thickening. For covering up small bald areas, you can bring the container directly on them. Shake the container well over the targeted areas. Make sure that the bottle opening faces downward. When you tap the bottle, you should allow the fibers hover in the air for some time before they settle on the hair. After the fibers have settled, pat gently on your hair so that the fibers get dispersed in the desired areas. You can use brush or comb to style your hair as you wish. However, make sure you use an open, plastic, non-bristle brush. You may use hair spray with this product, though some customers prefer not to use it. Hair spray is not necessary with our products.