Q: Will Hair Fiber work in the rain?

A: Hair fibers are resistant to wind, rain or perspiration. Client testimonials reveal that our customers are happy to use our products, and in most cases find our hair fibers to be a more effective product than our counterparts.

Q: How is your hair fiber different from competitors?

A: What differentiates our hair fibers from other products is that the product is completely natural and immensely effective. The fibers are made from keratin proteins with illusion which is the same structure as human. Our Miracle Mane brand uses highly charged cotton based fibers, both products work in exactly the same way. We have also taken extra care to ensure the highest quality keratin & cotton are used, as well as the optimal length of our fibers, to ensure effective attraction and holding strength.

Q: Does Hair Fiber have any side effect?

A: No harmful chemicals or additives are used in the hair thickening products made by Illusion & Miracle Mane. Our hair fibers are an all-natural product and do not interrupt with the natural process of hair growth.

Q: Once applied is it detectable?

A: After the initial application the fibers stay in place and are completely undetectable. Onlookers will not be able to identify that you’re using the product. Even in direct sunlight nobody will notice.

Q: I have salt and pepper hair. How should I use Hair Fibers for best results?

A: Apply white hair fiber in combination with either black, dark brown or medium brown. Use the white fiber first and then the darker color. It will blend perfectly without any effort on your part.

Q: What if I get hair fibers on my pillow or clothes?

A: Hair Fibers do not stain clothes; & non-stick. If fibers stick to clothes, dust them off immediately with your hands and watch them disperse.

Q: Does Hair Fiber affect hair growth?

A: No, it doesn’t. Hair Fiber does not interfere with hair growth in any way. Neither does it help in hair growth nor interrupts the process. Hair fiber is a non -allergenic product, the ingredients of which have been tested and used in all cosmetic and skin applications such as lipsticks and eye make-up. Hair fiber has been widely used for over twenty years in the entertainment-film industries and by many thousands in the general public worldwide.

Q: Can I use other products with Hair Fiber

A: Yes. Hair Fiber is natural and inert, so you can use any products you like with it. It is recommended by hair loss consultants and is compatible for use with other hair loss treatments along with styling products.

Q: How often should I wash my hair?

A: To ensure that the hair fibers give the best results you should shampoo your hair daily to increase the effectiveness of the product upon application.

Q: How long will a 25g tube of Hair Fiber last?

A: This will vary from person to person depending on individual requirements, but on average up to 60 days. This is subject to the user and size of application.

Q: What does Hair Fiber consist of?

A: Illusion Hair Fibers consist of organic keratin protein that human hairs are made from. Electro statically charged, these fibers are able to form magnetic attraction, so that the fiber’s cling onto existing thinning hair more securely. Miracle Mane Hair Fibers consist of cotton based hair fibers which cling onto existing thinning hair in exactly the same way.

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